Movement Lab – Handstand / Calisthenics / Flexibility

Have you ever questioned originality in physical training?

Gijs van Brink & Jan Jirak have met in order to exchange each other’s perspective on the flexibility training, handstands, calisthenics and movement in general tightly connected to their path in life. Working through these disciplines can be tricky, especially if you don’t know were to start. If you see someone performing a skill with a certain body type it doesn’t mean it would look or feel the same on you. For this particular reason you can’t just copy paste.

The aim of this Laboratory is to guide the students to their own understanding of the bone structure specific individual have, their own learning process and find the best motivational system for every participant.

Workshop topics

  • Warm up focused on simple movement flow (Jan)
  • Legs and torso, passive stretches (Gijs/Jan)
  • Basic laws of hanging – finding your own natural alignment (Gijs)
  • Handstand training for beginners (Gijs) for advanced (Jan)
  • Progressive calisthenics (Gijs)
  • Backbend stretching (Jan)

Registration on: (write: Movement Lab to subject)
payment: 2201476960/2010 (attach your name)
*payment is also a confirmation of the registration

Duration: 4,5 hours (with breaks)
Price: 2200,- CZK (approx. 85 €)
Limited capacity: 15 participants

for more information call +420 602 305 770 or visit the Facebook event page.